Join us at the MANA Fall Webinar!
Saturday, November 6, 2021



MANA Fall Webinar includes opportunities to:
  • Hear updates on the organization during the Annual Membership Meeting;
  • Increase your knowledge in several areas, including new laws and regulations for prescriptive authority and office-based anesthesia practices;
  • Earn up to 3 CE credits; and
  • Network with fellow CRNAs and SRNAs from across the State during the Gatherly Meet and Greet at the end of the day.







In order to receive credit, you must provide your AANA number during registration and when you complete your meeting survey.

Don't know your AANA number? Click the link below to access the AANA website and look up your number.

AANA Number Lookup


  CRNA MEMBER      $49    
  SRNA NON-MEMBER      $25    







Once I register, when will I receive information regarding how to log into the webinar?
You will receive an email titled 'Tips Before You Click' the week leading up to the event, which will include login instructions to join the webinar. Instructions will be emailed to you again on November 4 and November 6.

Can I ask questions during the sessions?
Live sessions give attendees the opportunity to ask presenters questions!

What is the MANA registration cancellation policy?
A refund less a $10.00 processing fee will be given for cancellations that submit a written request to MANA received by October 23, 2021. No refunds will be given after October 23, 2021. Requests must be submitted by email to [email protected]

How many credits can I earn at the meeting?
MANA has designed the program to meet the requirements for 3 Class A CE credit and the credits have been approved by AANA.

Does MANA report my credits?
MANA reports all credits to AANA. You must complete a survey with evaluations for each session in order to receive credit.

What is the MANA Code of Conduct?
MANA is committed to providing a safe and welcoming experience for all participants, regardless of race, ethnicity, disability, religion, political affiliation, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, and any other distinguishing characteristic. We do not tolerate discrimination, intolerance, harassment, aggression, or ill will of any kind at any MANA event, either in person or via electronic media. We expect all event participants, presenters, exhibitors, sponsors, and staff to:

  • Remain positive, friendly, and welcoming to others at all times
  • Recognize that this event is a place for diversity of thought, organization, and individuals; as such, respect and inclusivity for all is expected
  • Refrain from advertising or soliciting products/services other than in your sponsored session or the virtual exhibit hall
  • Be alert and report any discriminatory, harassing, aggressive, or exclusionary behavior or speech to event staff immediately. 

By registering to participate in the 2021 MANA Fall Meeting, you agreed to abide by the MANA Code of Conduct and anyone engaged in unacceptable behavior is subject to expulsion from the event, in MANA’s sole discretion, without refund.

If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being treated poorly, or have additional concerns, please email MANA Headquarters at [email protected].