Standing Committees 2022-2023

The Massachusetts Association of Nurse Anesthetists (MANA) has several committees that support the work of the association.  Committees are staffed by CRNA/SRNA volunteers that want to give back to their profession!  Are you interested in serving?  Click here to submit your interest in committee service. 

Bylaws Committee 

The Bylaws & Policy Committee of the Board considers proposed amendments to the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws of MANA, drafting them in proper form for submission to members at the annual meeting.  This committee is also responsible for an annual review of the MANA Bylaws and Board approved Policies and Procedures.   The Bylaws & Policy Committee meets annually and as needed through out the year.  Estimated time commitment:  2 hours/year.

Randy Barnhard, DNP, CRNA
Victoria Turaman, DNP, CRNA

Communications Committee 

The Communications Committee promotes the profession of nurse anesthesia and engages MANA membership through all appropriate resources.  The Communications Committee meets monthly and promotes association activities throughout the year on MANA’s social media accounts.  Estimated time commitment:  1 hour/month.

Lauren Reinhart, CRNA, Chair
Juliano Barbosa, CRNA 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee is not a Standing Committee, but an Ad Hoc Committee of the association.  The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee is charged with performing duties as assigned by the Board of Directors with a focus on ensuring MANA events foster cultural sensitivity and diversity and inclusion for nurse anesthesia professionals in the Commonwealth.  The Committee meets, as needed.  Estimated time commitment:  1 hour/month.

Junior Senat, DNP, CRNA, APRN

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee prepares for presentation and approval of MANA’s annual budget.  Additionally, will make recommendations for financing the strategic objectives of this association.  The Finance Committee meets periodically throughout the year, when needed.  Estimated time commitment:  1 hour/month.

Joe Bertrand, CRNA, Chair

Government Relations Committee

The Government Relations Committee (GRC) addresses matters pertaining to state and federal legislation and regulations and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors.  GRC is often an active committee given the importance of protecting CRNA practice in the Commonwealth; and works closely with the MANA PAC Chair.  Estimated time commitment:  2 hours/month.

Melissa Croad, MSNA, CRNA, Chair
Junior Senat, CRNA
Elaine Sullivan, MSN, CRNA, MHL
Sara Frederiksson, CRNA
Michelle Duggan, CRNA

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee is responsible for presenting a ballot with nominations for President-Elect and three Directors to the Board of Directors.  This committee is also responsible for distributing these ballots to members

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee prepares a complete program for one virtual learning opportunity each year.  Activities include identifying speakers and working closely with MANA’s management company to promote and execute MANA’s events.

Susan Hall, DNP, CRNA, Co-Chair
Kristiana Oleson, CRNA, Co-Chair
Elisabeth Bonocore, SRNA
Travis Caldarone, SRNA 
Laura Garcia Ramirez, CRNA 
Nicole Graham
Ivy Gosselin
Billy Klemczuk, SRNA
Elise Millward
Lauren Reinhart, CRNA
Lucy Shilasi
Samantha Tucker
Nora Wood

Wellness Committee

This committee creates and maintains practical wellness resources for the membership. 

Jane McGowan, CRNA

Appointed Positions

The MANA Board of Directors appoints the following positions:

AANA Foundation Liaison:
Melissa Croad, MSNA, CRNA

Federal Political Director:
Joe Bertrand, CRNA, Chair

State Reimbursement Specialist:
Melissa Croad, MSNA, CRNA